Company Profile

Trent Rosen is the founder of PSK Performance. My desire is to breakdown traditional methods of learning and modernise the way professionals collaborate, learn and share experiences through rich and interactive learning events, recognising the ‘PRIME‘ value;

Pragmatic, Relevant, Interactive, Memorable, Engaging

These are the key values on which the foundations of PSK Performance were built.

Research tell us that as people we learn not just from passive activities, but through sharing, reflecting and collaborating with each other. We rely on human interaction and the gains from this type of learning can be faster and more fluid for both individuals and the organisation. We can no longer rely on a one size fits all model for the future of learning.

My experience in the events industry includes working in London for Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills Group, along with the American Society Training and Development (now ATD) in the USA. I’ve dedicated my career by working within organisations (private and public) to develop learning solutions to support and increase capability and performance in the workforce.

My true passion and drive is to untangle the issues that impacts performance through providing a range of tested techniques and methodologies.

Educated with a BA (Hons) in Training and Development, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management and Diploma in Human Resource Management. I wouldn’t categorise myself as an academic, however I enjoy researching a range of topics within learning and performance and the odd attempt at writing is still work in progress!

Who is PSK Performance? Founded in 2013 after returning from London 2004 – 2009 , PSK Performance excels in showcasing thought provoking discussions through interactive discussions and collaborative events such as the Fishbowl Discussion. We offer participants a unique learning experience and work with first class international and local subject matter specialists.

We all learn together, through sharing our stories and expressing helpful tips and advice throughout each event. Each event includes a panel are specialists in their field of Evolving Technologies, Learning and Development, mainstream HR and Talent and Disruptive Innovation who also acknowledge the PRIME values.

What makes us unique?  Think of a recent time when you have attended a conference or seminar. The format hasn’t changed for years, and doesn’t encourage much in the way of two way dialogue. Our model focuses on smaller and adaptable size groups. We work with reputable Australian and international specialists that are willing to share their insights and experiences to gain first hand knowledge and information which can be applied without having to invest in a training course. The beauty of the Fishbowl format is anyone can contribute and raise issues that are important to them, in fact this is highly encouraged during all our events through storytelling, sharing of challenges and pain points, ideas, opinions, previous experiences and insights across a range of topics.

Developing your Professional Learning Community is just as important to us as let’s face it, we all enjoy connecting and building new relations.

What is our goal? Our goal is for you to experience first hand how valuable it is when professionals come together to collaborate, share knowledge, interact with fellow peers and become a contributor to the discussion. Our aim is that you begin to experience learning in its most simplest social format and take away new ideas that you can implement or build towards an action plan that is appropriate in your role.

Where are our venues? Each of the venues are centrally located in the heart of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and now London that offer modern facilities with premium services, and in close proximity to transport.

I look forward to welcoming you at one of our upcoming PSK Performance events.