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It’s 2018, which also symbolises the third consecutive year where PSK Performance continue to host the Fishbowl Discussions and have expanded to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and also London.

In this second of three Fishbowl series, we are introducing the topic of Shifting the Stigma of Learning from Mistakes, during the month of June

It is well known that people learn through engagement during everyday tasks and social interactions at work. Yet, when things don’t go exactly to plan there is a sense of blame, mistrust and sometimes covert behaviours within teams that creep in that can shatter ones confidence.

Making mistakes can actually have a positive effect. In fact, there are organisations where good employees make mistakes and leaders support them by encouraging them to talk openly about their mistakes and share their experiences with the team to recognise what occurred and reduce a repeat in the future.

Select any of the major cities to see who will be appearing on the panel.

Here is a glimpse of just some of the topics we will explore:

  • Classic mistakes, where decisions or actions fail to deliver the desired outcome
  • Consciously practicing reflective techniques and applying a constructive thinking approach
  • Responding to and overcoming changes beyond our control
  • Error management culture. Shifting from a blame culture to a learning and productive culture

These topics and much more will be discussed and challenged during the Fishbowl Discussion. That’s the amazing thing about this approach- the variety of experiences, advice, and opinions that are shared in the group. It’s impossible to bullet point exactly what will be discussed!

What you’ll get out of it

An event where professionals from Learning and Development, Organisational Development, Change Management, Mainstream HR and Talent connect and collaborate to address, challenge and discuss topics that foster learning in a dynamic and interactive approach.

Add to this a panel of nationally and internationally recognised experts, who are ready to actively participate and share their years of experience with the audience.

Enjoy a selection of healthy and contemporary buffet style breakfast arrangements to kick-start your morning as you network and connect with like-minded participants. The cost is $65.00 pp, with breakfast included.

Intrigued, curious, or just happy to observe and listen? Whatever your choice, come along and have your questions discussed and answered in this dynamic approach.

Why a Fishbowl Discussion?

Unlike traditional panel discussions, a Fishbowl Discussion is a great way to learn about a particular topic. The format is based on peer to peer dialogue where the audience contributes to the conversation by asking questions, presenting opinions, and sharing experiences with the panel. The panel invite the audience to join them where the conversation becomes a meaningful and personalised experience.

Think Q&A format with a twist. If you are searching for a richer, dynamic format that fosters learning and involves exploring a range of ‘hot’ topics where participants contribute their views throughout the session, then search no further!

You won’t be a ‘fish out of water’ in these discussions, instead, you will be ‘in the water’ participating and guiding the direction of the conversation throughout and raising topics that you seek answers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet fellow participants for networking and maximise your Professional Learning Community.

In keeping with the Fishbowl traditional format, places are strictly limited.

For more information on the venues click here.

Watch the Agile Practices and Principals event from 2017 at the Lendlease facilities.