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PSK Performance invites you to our second Fishbowl Discussion for 2017 on Agile, Practices and Principles within Organisations. Held in Sydney, we have an exciting guest panel that will sure to stimulate and energise your thoughts.

Sydney (Tuesday 4 July) 8.00am – 10.o0am

Venue: Lendlease, International Towers Exchange Place  Tower Three, Barangaroo, Sydney.

A virtual tour will be available of the award winning Lendlease tower at the conclusion for anyone who attends. Allow up to 20 minutes.

Some of the topics that will be introduced include but not limited to:

  • Removing traditional process-driven hierarchies to galvanise a more collaborative teamwork culture
  • Methods to challenge mainstream project management thinking
  • First steps to adopting an effective Agile way of working
  • How can Agile principles help run successful programs in organisations

These topics and many more will be discussed and challenged during the Fishbowl. That’s the amazing this about this approach- the variety of experiences, advice, and opinions that are shared in the group. It’s impossible to bullet point exactly what will be discussed!

What you’ll get out of it

Visualise an event where professionals from Learning and Performance, Organisational Development and Change, Mainstream HR and Talent, connect and collaborate openly to address, challenge and discuss topics within their industries.

Add to this a panel of nationally recognised experts, who participate and share their years of experience with the group in two-way dialogue.

Enjoy a selection of healthy and contemporary buffet style breakfast arrangements to kick start your morning as you network and connect with like-minded participants. The cost is $65.00 pp, with breakfast included.

To attend in Sydney visit the Registration page.

Why a Fishbowl Discussion?

Unlike traditional panel discussions, a Fishbowl Discussion is a great way to learn about a particular topic. The format is based on peer to peer two-way dialogue which fosters an environment where the audience contributes to the conversation by asking questions, presenting opinions, and sharing experiences with the panel.

Think Q&A format with a twist. If you are searching for a richer, dynamic format that involves exploring a range of ‘hot’ topics where participants contribute their views throughout the session, then search no further!

You won’t be a ‘fish out of water’ in these discussions, instead, you will be ‘in the water’ participating and guiding the direction of the conversation throughout and raising topics that you seek answers too.

How do I attend the upcoming Fishbowl?

Intrigued, curious, or just happy to observe and listen? Whatever your choice, come along and have your questions discussed and answered in this dynamic approach.

Registration is simple!

Click here to Register to Attend the Sydney Fishbowl – Tuesday 4 July, 2017

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet fellow participants for networking and maximise your Professional Learning Community. Places are strictly limited.

For more information on the venue in Sydney click here.

Fishbowl Panel

Appearing in Sydney

Stefan Norrvall 


Stefan Norrvall  work in management consulting started with process improvement around 15 years ago. Naïve and idealistic he pursued a Six Sigma Black Belt in the hope of unlocking the secrets to process improvement. Of course reality kicked in and he soon learned that no method is a silver bullet.

He also understood that process issues are usually symptoms of broader organisational issues and hence explored theories and approaches that took this into consideration. Underpinning his work is a strong desire to simply make organisations better, both for the people that make up organisations and for their customers and/or clients.

Stefan is focused on how the future of work can be shaped by organisational theories and approaches based on, amongst others things, systems thinking and complexity theory. He is currently researching how a social ecological perspective can be used to develop more coherent models of change in organisations.

Frances Zaidan 

Frances Zaidan is a seasoned Scrum Master and Agile coach at PwC Australia. Over the past 7 years, Frances has successfully delivered a number of business transformation projects across a variety of disciplines including public cloud, mobility, automation, integration, infrastructure and software development. Frances also has extensive experience in coaching and mentoring project teams, clients and vendors in Agile practices.

In an industry where the only constant is change; the ability to adapt to constantly add value is a key focus. A servant leader, agile advocate, change maker and challenger of the status quo – Frances embraces the challenge leading teams to achieve one goal: delivering value to customers.

Frances holds a Masters in IT from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and is also a certified Scrum Master, SAFe 4.0 and PRINCE2 practitioner.

John Dobbin

John Dobbin helps mid-size organisations undertake journeys of Digital Transformation, assisting them to become more agile, customer centric and resilient to disruption.

Back in the 90’s John founded an integration company (Nexus) that specialised in advertising and media systems. He was an early adopter of Agile and convinced many organisations to adopt it as their delivery methodology. He subsequently led teams of international developers on some of the most complex projects in the industry.

John also coaches Agile to organisations for purposes other than software development, which isn’t always successful. John has a pragmatic viewpoint on Agile, grounded in experience, on where it fits and where it does not.

John holds a Masters degree in Organisational Development.

Melinda Harrington

Melinda Harrington is the Senior Agile Delivery Manager for an insurance company. She started out in Product Management, evolved to Project Management and then to support a team of Scrum Masters with agile delivery.

As an agile champion, Melinda strives to improve her own understanding and to inspire others to embrace and implement agile principles and practices.

Dr Richard Claydon (Moderator)

Dr Richard Claydon  research examines how people handle the complexity and ambiguity of modern organisational life and how original thought emerges in relentlessly changing and highly uncertain environments through irony, sarcasm and humour. Thought leaders in leadership, organisational behaviour and change in the UK and Australia, including a Harvard Top-200 Management Guru, have described this research as “a touchstone for future work in management”, “outstanding in daring and imagination” and “at the forefront of modern debate”.

In May 2017, Richard designed and presented the central workshop at Australia’s first ever Employee Engagement Conference hosted by PwC. He’s also recently been an expert panellist on The Future of Work for Gartner, interviewed by ABC on organisational irony, and presented for the Project Management Institute on disrupting theories of change.