PSK Performance in partnership with Learning Plan and GoodPractice are hosting three Fishbowl Discussions for 2018 in the major cities of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

In this third and final of three series, we will address the topic of The Wonders and Woes of Learning Technologies.

Select any of the major cities to see who will be appearing on the panel.

To register visit our Registration page.

PSK Performance is the curators of expert-led interactive and thought-provoking events specialising in the format of Fishbowl Discussions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and London.

Responding to the ever-changing and evolving work environment, PSK Performance is quick to react at bringing professionals together through innovative and practical learning events. Participants actively engage directly in conversation with recognised talented professionals, locally and internationally who ‘cut to the core’ to examine real issues that touch Learning and Performance, HR and Talent and Organisational Development and Change.

The dynamic format promotes the right environment for participants to draw on their years of field and professional experience and expertise whilst collectively sharing these insights with each other.

Each event provides a platform for participants to share previous and current work experiences and contribute their views and opinions.

Our aim is for participants to embrace the moment and raise those important issues that matter most to them. By creating a high energy and dynamic platform, participants gain valuable insight, knowledge and feedback within the session to support and foster their decision making and personal learning.

We achieve this by;

  • designing the sessions to ensure you have time to learn, share ideas and concepts
  • working with local and international talent in their respected specialisms who share our common values of open discussions and group interaction
  • limit the number of places at each event, creating a more intimate environment that sparks real learning
  • including opportunities to amplify your Professional Learning Community throughout the event by connecting and networking.

Whether you are attending a Fishbowl or workshop, PSK Performance is committed to providing you with an interactive environment where current ‘hot’ topics and issues are openly discussed and challenged, information and ideas are shared that stimulate ‘plans into action’ and new connections are formed through networking at each event.

Come and join us at one of our next events. You won’t be disappointed.

Our venues are conveniently located in the heart of each city that offers contemporary modern facilities close to public transport.

PSK Performance look forward to welcoming you.