Melbourne Fishbowl

When: TBC
8.00am – 10.00am


To Be Confirmed.

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We have brought together a panel of nationally recognised professionals, who are ready to share their stories of challenges and experiences with the audience.

Participate anytime throughout the morning by introducing a question or even challenge the views of the room. This is what makes the Fishbowl Experience a worthwhile event as we all learn from each other’s stories.

Enjoy a selection of healthy and contemporary breakfast options as you network and connect with like-minded participants.

Registration is still $75.00 pp. breakfast included.

The panel in 2019:

Carolyn Breeze is an experienced leader with more than 15 years in the technology sector, including extensive international experience within the fintech, e-commerce, and telecommunications sectors.

For more than 20 years, she has been actively supporting brands to amplify their presence in relevant markets, elevate their customer experience, and form long-term partnerships.

Carolyn is currently General Manager for GoCardless ANZ.

Her work within Braintree a PayPal Service, eBay, Vodafone, and Telstra has seen her sharpen her sales, marketing, and leadership expertise, as well as her knowledge in conversion, payments and digital transformation.

Carolyn’s effervescent personality has naturally enabled her to become a sought-after keynote speaker locally and internationally. She is passionate about creating opportunities for local businesses in the region, within areas such as the future of payments and automation.

She’s an advocate for workplace diversity and is focused on creating an inclusive working environment. Her primary goal is to empower organisations to drive inclusion and equality through technology and choice.

Her astute leadership and professionalism has resulted in Carolyn being awarded one of CEO Magazine’s IT and Telecommunications Executive of the Year in 2018, and recognised as one of the top 20 Women in Fintech.
Jude (Jobhib) Ediae is a serial entrepreneur, trained mental health practitioner, a skilled professional with over 26 years of diverse and progressive experience in a variety of industries with international career portfolio.
He has a great passion for community development, diversity, social justice, multiculturalism, international travel, continues learning, and cultural dance.

Jude is also a member of the United Nations Association of Australia Victoria Branch, Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association, and World Federation of Mental Health.

He has been recognised for his work and awarded Honorary Doctor of Excellence from GSFEN, Honorary Doctor of Human Rights and Diplomatic from GSFEN, Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, Educational Psychology from AUI, Honorary Professorship in Humanities/Humanistic Studies from AUI.

He has a great passion for community development, diversity, social justice, multiculturalism, international travel, continuous learning, and cultural dance.

He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global youth Mental Health awareness limited NFP and numerous roles previously including Regional adviser for the Victorian Multicultural Commission.
Sharon Taylor is the Managing Director of Omny Studio.

With over a decade of experience in the technology industry, running teams across digital, SaaS and managed services, Sharon made the change from corporate to startup in 2016 by joining Omny Studio.

Starting out as Omny’s Head of Operations before becoming CEO later that year, she grew Omny into one of the leading audio on-demand platforms in the world, culminating in an acquisition by a publicly listed US media company earlier this year.

Sharon remains at the helm of the company and is now responsible for leading the podcast market development strategy for the company.

Sharon values transparency and radical candour as key communication methods to build engaged, high performing teams in the work forces she is a part of.
Tamera Jones having worked with High Potential Senior Leaders for over 15 years, Tamera has learned exactly how to help leaders EXPLORE what they do, EXPERIMENT in a relevant and practical way with what they want to change, in order to LIBERATE their potential AND LIBERATE them from the overwhelm that can all too often come along with the rigours of Senior Leadership.

With Senior Leaders, the best outcomes come from a blended solution of 'EXPERIMENTS' that address the mind set, skill and operating rhythm of leadership. Tamera has mastered how to set expectations with this high calibre group and liberate their individual potential to exceed those expectations!

She does so by knowing they must have a strong guide, as well as nurturing nudges. By mixing this necessary directness and subtle support, leaders are free to run their own race while they learn. Resulting in participants choosing the right EXPERIMENTS for their accelerated growth.

Tamera has held leadership positions in Fuji Xerox Australia and HP (formerly Digital Equipment Corporation) in Sales, Operations, HR, and Marketing before establishing Potential Change in 1999. Tamera's wide breadth of experience in these roles allows for a depth of business understanding and acumen, which translates to an ability to consult in all areas of a business and relate to leaders in all functional disciplines.