Previous Events


At PSK Performance our philosophy is to create the optimal learning environment where professionals contribute and shape the direction of the conversations, and not just observers and note takers.

Since 2016, we’ve discussed a range of industry topics:

  • Leadership & Engagement,
  • Learning Technologies,
  • Agile Practices and Principles
  • Applying a Neuroscience Lens within Organisations,
  • The DNA of the Modern Learner,
  • Leading a Learning Organisation and
  • Shifting the Stigma of learning from Mistakes.

Are you on Twitter? View the numerous tweets referencing content and resources using #PSKevents from the very Fishbowl Experience in February 2016, to our most recent this year across each city, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and London.

Each Fishbowl Experience includes local subject matter specialists appearing on the panel who contribute their knowledge, lessons learnt and experiences on the  topic with the audience.

Take a look at some of our previous national and international guest panellists.

Sydney Fishbowl July 2017 – Agile Practices and Principles

Melbourne Fishbowl March 2017 – Applying a Neuroscience Lens within Organisations

Appearing: Trent Rosen, Stefan Norrvall, Frances Zaidan, Dr Richard Claydon John Dobbin, Melinda Harrington, Shai Desai (sponsor)

Appearing: Arun Prdhan, Carmel Kostos, Elena (Aly) Norman, Dr Pascal Molenberghs, Helen Blunden

Sydney Fishbowl March 2017 – Applying a Neuroscience Lens within Organisations

Appearing: Silvia Damiano, Charles Jennings, Lisa Rubinstein, Elena (Aly) Norman, Emma Weber, Siobhan Sutherland Rogers  


Sydney Fishbowl August 2016 – Leadership & Engagement

Appearing: Cameron Clyne, Michelle Ockers, Nigel Paine, Commodore Lee Goddard

Melbourne Fishbowl August 2016 – Leadership & Engagement

Appearing: Samantha Fernando, Andrew Gerkens, Pieter Hanekom, Nigel Paine, Samantha Chambers-Skeggs

Sydney Fishbowl May 2016 – Learning Technologies

Appearing: Donald Clark, Joanne Jacobs, Anne Bartlett-Bragg, David Swaddle


Melbourne Fishbowl May 2016 – Learning Technologies

Donald Clark introduces Helen Blunden to the immersed world of virtual reality.


PSK Performance presented the first ever Fishbowl Experiment in Sydney and Melbourne in 2016.

Sydney February 2016 – Fishbowl Experiment

Appearing: Charles Jenning, Emma Weber, Elizabeth Robinson and Ryan Tracey


Melbourne March 2016 –  Fishbowl Experiment

Appearing: Charles Jennings, Cheryle Walker, Andrew Gerkens, Simon Terry, Renee Robson


In November 2015, PSK Performance were delighted to welcome Donald H Taylor’s inaugural visit to Australia.


Transforming the Future of Learning workshop explored with participants from Sydney and Melbourne how to:

  • recognise and avoid the ‘Training Ghetto’ when conducting training needs in their organisation,
  • discussing what concepts work and sharing experiences of ‘lessons learnt’
  • new ideas on stakeholder analysis, performance consulting and communication tools that work
  • why learning technology implementations so often fail, and what needs to happen to make the next implementation a success.


Workshop feedback:

  • Thanks for hosting this workshop – it was a great way to network.
  • Thanks for a great workshop. Very professional, enjoyable and educational. Best wishes and look forward to more such events in the future.
  • A great morning! Thank you 🙂